The Youth Choir of the Orchestra of the Cyclades


Among the main aims of the Orchestra of the Cyclades is the identification, development and promotion of children and young people who have an inclination towards and a special gift for music, as well as the creation of choirs and musical sub-groups for their participation in events. In this context, the Orchestra inaugurated at the end of 2012 the Children’s and Youth Choir of the Cyclades, aiming to provide choral education and music cultivation through group singing. The choir, being a hub of creativity, mental and intellectual cultivation, as well as a valuable tool in helping children develop a love and positive outlook towards music, is at the same time a learning ground for the valuable spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

The Children’s and Youth Choir is steadily increasing in members and is currently counting about 120 children, who are attending the weekly rehearsals at the Elders Activity Center (KAPI / ΚΑΠΗ) of Ermoupolis every Sunday. This year, there are 5 different departments to the choir, the younger newer members and the older children. Τhe Youth Choir was founded in 2019 by the older children now attending high school, play a special role in the choir’s appearances being the core of the Youth Choir, as a natural continuation of all the appearances and experiences they have gained over the past few years, with Orchestra of the Cyclades and with the guidance of conductor Mr. Nikos Kypourgos. The students are taught by a team of 4 professionals, Nikos Roussos, Ellie Gounaris, Rena Vergos, Voula Glyka, Choir Director: Ellie Gounari. The Choir is supported morally and practically by Mrs. Despina Paraskevaidou.

SONIC Digital Artistic Space Platform

The SONIC Digital Artistic Space is the networking and education component of the project. It is being served on an annual basis via an open call for expression of interest addressed to young professionals on participating in the artistic and cultural activities of the ANO International Organ Festival (Greece) and the Zadar Organ Festival (Croatia). The platform is open to all European artists and also welcomes the ideas and proposals of artists of other artistic domains (i.e. dance, theatre, etc.). One of the main targets is to evolve a digital mechanism of introducing oneself to the two festivals, accessing its educational module and becoming a vivid member of a professional cultural lobby related with -but not just limited to- the organ instrument. The educational activities are provided for free following a two-step-access registration procedure.